Searching for the Right Photo Booth

Are you shopping around for a photo booth?
Are you overwhelmed with the choices and not sure what the difference is between the many photo booths on offer. Do you wonder why there is such a difference in price?
There are many different types of photo booths out there. They all look different and offer different features. Some just take photos, some use web cams and some are imported from overseas. Others use professional equipment and the latest technology. “So how do I know what’s best for me?” you ask.
Here are some things you might want to consider:
Q. What does the photo booth look like?
Do you like the look of it? Can you decorate it?
Q. How big is it?
Will it fit nicely in your venue?
Q. What camera does the photo booth use?
You may want to view the quality of their photos. You may find some are pixilated or unflattering.
Q. How many people does the photo booth hold?
If you want to be able to take photos with a group of your friends be sure that they have a style of photo booth that can hold more than 2 people. Have a look at their gallery and you will get an idea of how many people they can fit. Some only take head shots. It’s nice to get in at least chest and shoulders as well.
Q. Can I choose different background colours/curtains?
Q. Can I personalise the photo strips with my name and date etc?
You may want to compare designs. Some just use writing and others use a bit more creativity with colours and patterns to suit your theme.
Q. Do I get unlimited photostrips for the entire hire time?

Q. Are there different options for the style of photo strip?
E.g. vertical, horizontal, postcard
Q. Can I get copies straight away if we have a few friends together in the booth?

Q. Does the photo booth have an interactive touch screen that can give guests different options?
E.g. The option to take colour or black and white photos, or to record a short message or take photos.
Q. Does the photo booth automatically print and cut a duplicated photo strip?
Q Do they offer extras such as video option to record short messages, greenscreen so you can use an image as the background, portrait photos so you can get more of the body in the photo, outside monitor, booth branding.
Not all photo booths are the same and offer the same features so if there is something specific you want don’t assume, make sure they offer it.
Q. Do they include an attendant?
We believe this is very important as many photo booths out there don’t come with an attendant but in their T&Cs they outline that you are responsible for any damages to the booth and you don’t want to be worrying and feeling responsible for the booth at your event. Also just like any machine things can happen, monitor freezes, something gets stuck, it runs out of ink or paper, etc, you want someone there to be able to fix it straight away. If you ask for an album the attendants are there to encourage your guests to glue in a photo strip and write a message. Otherwise they might not even know it’s there and you will be very disappointed at the end of the night. People also ask questions, for eg. Can I get another print? Can I find these photos online? etc and an attendant can answer those questions. If during the night you find the photo booth is a huge hit and you want an extra hour the attendant is likely able to give you an extra hour. The props can get thrown around and create a mess, the attendant is there to keep the area clean. Many reasons why an attendant is important.
Q. Do they require a deposit? Is it refundable? When is the balance due? Can I pay in instalments?
Q. What are their Terms and Conditions?
Do you have to provide a meal if there is an attendant? How far will they travel before an extra charge is incurred? Do they charge for stairs? If so, how many before they charge.
We hope this has helped you in your search.


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