Photo Booth or Do It Yourself?

It’s undeniable – a photo booth is a must at any event now. They not only entertain your guests with so much fun and laughter they give you and your guests a wonderful momento to remember the night.

But, there is the question of cost. Maybe you’re thinking a ‘do-it-yourself’ option might be better where you purchase the props and have a camera set on a pole, or you provide disposable cameras, or maybe your photographer can set up a corner and he/she takes the photos. There are many options and it can be a real hit-or-miss experience.

From talking with our clients’ guests and venue owners, we have found the DIY option has caused a lot of frustration with time and effort to set it up and then on the night it doesn’t get used much (or at all), if you have an album – it’s empty, and don’t forget the mess.

Below are some things to consider:

My Event Photo Booth                       DIY Photo Booth

Stress free set up & pack away with                                                                       Time and effort buying props, cameras,
all details handled by us.                                                                                          and setting up & packing away.


Attendant on site to ensure the                                                                               Do you assign someone to watch over
booth and album are being used.                                                                           the area and make sure it’s being used,
or do you leave it to it’s own devises?


Attendant to help your guests get                                                                           No one there to help and guide and
the most out of the booth (quite                                                                              therefore your guests being reluctant
often parents and the more mature                                                                        to use the set up.
haven’t used a booth before).


You will get 3 or 4 poses per session                                                                     One photo per session and unless the
in the booth and two strips printed                                                                       camera is instant there is no photo
immediately.                                                                                                               on the night.


A photo strip designed with your                                                                           A simple one shot framed photo.
personal information matching the
theme of the event.


We can provide extra copies on                                                                          Only one photo! Who gets to keep
the night for those bigger group                                                                          it! What momento do the other
shots.                                                                                                                         guests have?


We provide a photo album for your                                                                     Will you have one? No – no keepsake
guests to add a photo strip and                                                                           for you and your husband/wife.
write you a message. And we                                                                               Yes – will the guests know about it,
encourage your guests to fill the                                                                         or even use it? Will any children abuse it?
book.                                                                                                                         Then there is the time & money to
source it.


Technically, the booth is complete,                                                                     Do you have ALL the equipment
tested, all components working                                                                           needed? Are they all working and
together – and the attendant is there                                                                  working together?
should any issues arise.                                                                                          What if something goes wrong?


We give you a USB at the end of the                                                                   No USB.
night with all the photo strips and
individual photos on it.


Stress less and Let My Event Photobooths bring the fun while you and your guests enjoy the night and take home your beautiful mementos.


Jacqui and booth“We booked these guys for our wedding and we received amazing service! Our guests absolutely loved the photobooth and the array of props that came along with the booth. At the end of the night we got to take home our guestbook filled with wonderful memories. To the team at My Event Photobooths, thank you for looking after our family and friends, we highly recommend you guys to anyone.”  Pholly