General FAQs about our Photo Booth Service

Below are an assortment of frequently asked questions that will hopefully give you more information about us.

If you have any further questions please fell free to contact us.

Is an attendant included in your packages?

Yes, providing our highly trained booth attendants at your event is a part of our valued customer service. This is to ensure you and your guests get the best out of the photo booth. Our fun and friendly staff are there to assist your guests and to make sure the photo booth runs smoothly. We encourage your guests to use the props and we insist that they take as many photos as they can. If you choose to have a guestbook album our attendant will help your guests to add their photostrips and encourage them to leave a message. We are there to make your guests feel special, answer any questions, direct them to the photo album (you don’t want an empty book at the end of the night – or one scribbled on by children), we keep the props in an orderly fashion, and should there be any technical issues we are there to fix it on the spot so your guests can keep partying.

What are the dimensions and requirements of your photo booth?

Dimensions are 1.57m x 1m x 2m (WxDxH). We will need 1m x 2m floor space, not including the signing table if requested, set up undercover, and a power outlet 240V plug nearby.

Are your photo booths good quality?

My Event Photobooths are the leaders in providing only the highest quality photo booths. We use professional studio lighting and Canon DSLR 18 megapixel cameras that create the sharpest and brightest photos and can be blown up without becoming grainy and pixilated. Our printers are high quality professional dye sublimation printers, so your prints will last for years without fading. Our booths are 100% Australian made, comply with all venue regulations and can be personalised to suit your theme. Your event will be remembered and talked about by everyone with our modern, professional and high quality photo booths.

How long does it take to set up the photo booth?

It takes 10-15 mins to set up our photo booth. This is important to us as some people only want to hire us half way through their event and they don’t want us setting up for an hour with equipment all over the place and making noise.

How many people does the booth hold at once?

The enclosed booths hold 1-8 adults at once, or can be opened up for larger group photographs.

Do you charge extra for delivery, setup and removal of your photo booth?

No. If you live within the Greater Sydney area, these are all included.

Is there a limit to the number of photo prints?

No, you get UNLIMITED duplicated prints within your hire time.

Can the booths be personalised and branded?

If you want your event to stand out, and one to be remembered, then you want to consider our branding option. You may be having a themed party and want to decorate our booth so it looks like your own or you may be a business looking for the best form of marketing. In both cases, you have come to the right place. Our personalised booths look fantastic! Please contact us for further details.  Check out our Facebook Album titled ‘Our Booth’

Do you offer different print layouts?

Yes. You can select the 4″ x 6″ photo or the 2″ x 6″ photo strip, vertical or horizontal.

Does the photo booth give you the option of printing in either colour or black and white?

Yes. Before each photo strip session the digital screen will ask you if you want to take colour or black and white photos.

How long does it take to get your prints?

After you have taken your 3 or 4 photos it only takes 8 seconds to print your 2 photo strips. Your guests can keep both or they can glue one in your keepsake album and write a personal message. Your guests can come back as many times as they like, prints are unlimited!

Can I design my own footer logo/message?

Yes, this is included in your package at no extra cost. You are able to select from several designs with any wording you please. Or, you can send us an image of your invitation and we can match that on the photo strip. We will work with you till it’s to your liking. If you are a business you can send us your logo or marketing campaign designs.
Check our our Gallery page to see the great variety and quality of designs we can create.

Are my photos automatically uploaded to your website or social media?

When you book your event we will ask if you would like your photos put on our website and Facebook page. If yes, we will have your photos up within 48 hours and your guests will be able to go into the gallery, save them, share them and tag themselves and others. We take out any inappropriate photos and if you want any photos removed we can do that for you.

Do I get a copy of all the photos taken on the night?

Absolutely! You will be given a USB on the night with all photo strip photos, individual photos and videos taken at the event.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! Public liability insurance is a must.

How do I make a booking?

Please complete the Enquiry Form, ask any questions you may have and we will get back to you within 24 hours to advise availability and provide the next step in security your date.

When do you require a deposit?

Once we have confirmed your booking, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a My Event Photobooth for your event. The outstanding balance will need to be paid 21 days prior to the event.

Searching for the right photo booth?

Are you shopping around for a photo booth?

Are you overwhelmed with the choices and not sure what the difference is between the many photo booths on offer. Do you wonder why there is such a difference in prices?

To help you with your decision-making we have listed below some questions you need to consider before making that final choice.

We hope this helps and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: by email –, phone – 0435 61 61 82 or through our Enquiry Form

What does the photo booth look like?

Do you like the look of it? Will it suit your event and venue.

How big is it?

Will it fit nicely in your venue?

What camera does the photo booth use?

You may want to view the quality of their photos. You may find some are pixilated or unflattering. Make sure they use a good quality digital camera and not a web-cam or something similar.

How many people does the photo booth hold?

If you want to be able to take photos with a group of your friends be sure that they have a style of photo booth that can hold more than 2 people. Have a look at their gallery and you will get an idea of how many people they can fit. Some only take head shots. It’s nice to get in at least chest and shoulders as well.

Can I personalise the photo strips with my name and date etc?

You may want to compare designs. Some just use writing and others use a bit more creativity with colours and patterns to suit your theme.

Can I choose different background colours/curtains?

Do I get unlimited photostrips for the entire hire time?

Can I get copies straight away if we have a few friends together in the booth?

Does the photo booth have an interactive touch screen that can give guests different options? For eg. The option to take colour or black and white photos, or to record a short message or take photos.

Does the photo booth automatically print and cut a duplicated photo strip?

Do they offer extras such as video option to record short messages, greenscreen so you can use an image as the background, portrait photos so you can get more of the body in the photo, and there are many other extras that photo booth businesses offer.

Not all photo booths are the same and offer the same features so if there is something specific you want don’t assume, make sure they offer it.

Do they include an attendant?

We believe this is very important as many photo booths out there don’t come with an attendant but in their T&Cs they outline that you are responsible for any damages to the booth and you don’t want to be worrying and feeling responsible for the booth at your event. Also just like any machine things can happen, monitor freezes, something gets stuck, it runs out of ink or paper, etc, you want someone there to be able to fix it straight away. If you ask for an album the attendants are there to encourage your guests to glue in a photo strip and write a message. Otherwise they might not even know it’s there and you will be very disappointed at the end of the night. People also ask questions, for eg. Can I get another print? Can I find these photos online? And often your ‘more mature’ guests are not sure how to operate the booth, so an attendant can answer all these questions. If during the night you find the photo booth is a huge hit and you want an extra hour the attendant is likely able to give you an extra hour. The props can get thrown around and create a mess, the attendant is there to keep the area clean. Many reasons why an attendant is important.

Do they require a deposit? Is it refundable? When is the balance due? Can I pay in instalments?

What are their Terms and Conditions?

Do you have to provide a meal if there is an attendant? How far will they travel before an extra charge is incurred? Do they charge for stairs? If so, how many before they charge.