2016 Wedding Forecasts

Some interesting wedding forecasts:

  • The median age of males and females at marriage was 31.5 and 29.6 years respectively in 2014, twenty years ago the median age for first time marriages was 27.2 years for males and 25.1 years for females.
  • When amalgamated, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays account for over 82% of all wedding dates.
  • The most popular wedding month forecast for 2016 is March (15,508) followed by November (14,970) followed by October (13,230). The least popular Months are July (5,698) followed by June (6,859) and August (7,130)
  • The most popular wedding day forecast for 2016 is the 2nd Sat of November.
  • Total nationwide marriages – 125,799
  • The number of marriages forecast for NSW – 43,104
  • The bottom 10% of the 125,799 marriages forecast for 2016 will spend an average of $5,478 each, or a combined spend of $69 million on their wedding, the top 10% will spend an average of $56,111 each, or a combined spend of $706 million on their wedding.
  • Fashion trends: (By Junebug Weddings)
    Fashion trend 1  Off the shoulder
  • Fashion trend 2  Non-traditional colours
  • Fashion trend 3  Two piece
  • Fashion trend 4  Colourful hair accessories


  • Out with the Wedding Cake (By Plan Your Perfect Wedding)
    “We predict that the humble wedding cake may soon be a thing of the past, with the next year set to pave the way for what we call pudding cakes and wedding fakes.
    Pudding Cakes: “Cakes which double up as pudding to form the third course of a wedding breakfast are becoming more and more popular, with couples looking for ways to make their budget stretch a little further. Try a three tiered cheesecake or a tiered apple crumble, or a cake with more of an unusual flavour such as Banoffee or Raspberry and Coconut; it’ll look the part for your pictures, but also do the job as a show-stopping pudding.”Wedding Fakes: “Another popular option is to do away with a sweet cake altogether, and have a savoury option as your statement centrepiece. Tiered pork pie ‘cakes’ are on the increase, as are tiered savoury tarts and quiches; these too can be sliced and served up to guests as part of the evening buffet, so great for a quirky option to help stretch the pennies.”